Work Smart

Monthly workshops for small business owners, freelancers and other general badasses. Join us for 90 minutes of research-based frameworks, tools, and real-time practice to make your work and personal life better, smoother, happier. Each workshop is $20 (free for Purpose Coworkers), or sign up for all three events for $50.  Open to the whole community, but space is limited. Online tickets on sale now. Light dinner will be served.  All workshops are from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. 


*FINAL WORKSHOP* Dec. 14: Smart Money
Simple tools to manage your business revenue and expenses, plus dedicated time to ask experts your questions about money and taxes. Come prepared with a list of questions that you'd love to ask our small business accounting expert, such as:

- How much money from each paycheck should I put aside for yearly taxes?
- What are some of the lesser-known business expenses I can write off?
- What are the most common pitfalls freelancers or small business owners like me fall into around accounting or taxes?
- How do I determine a manageable budget I'll stick to?

This workshop will be led by one of our local awesome CPAs with expertise in helping individuals and small businesses demystify the confusing and/or monotonous side of taxes and freelancer/entrepreneur/small business money management.
Limited to 15 participants, tickets on sale now. 

Nov. 9: Smart Time
Brain-friendly tools for managing your time, energy and productivity. Before the workshop, mull over your answer to this question: Which of the following would have the biggest impact on your productivity and work+life satisfaction?

A. Getting better at prioritizing
I don’t always get the most important things accomplished
B. Having a better work system
Choosing the right apps, agendas, scheduling system, etc to keep track of everything
C. Reducing distractions while I'm working
I get interrupted by too many things (kids, coworkers, my phone, social media, my own brain)
D.  Procrastinating less  
E. Something else: What key obstacle is getting in the way of feeling productive and energized?

This workshop will be led by Paloma Medina, Purpose Coworking owner, life coach, and leadership trainer for start ups and tech companies. Limited to 15 participants, tickets on sale now. 


Oct. 12: Smart Goals
Science-based tools to define and reach business and personal goals. Apply frameworks and get expert coaching on your own goals and game plan. Come prepared to this workshop by bringing a prepared answer for this question: 

Which of these best describes you:

A. I wish I was better at defining and setting goals
If so, what kind of goals are hardest for you to set/define?
B. I change my mind and switch goals often
If so, how often do you change goals? Are there some goals you’ve been consistent with? 
C. I want to be better at "sticking with it" -- not giving up before I achieve important goals
If so, what are obstacles that get in the way? 
D. None of the above: I'm good at reaching my own goals but want to support someone in my life who has a hard time with one of the above.

This workshop will be led by Paloma Medina, Purpose Coworking owner, life coach, and leadership trainer for start ups and tech companies. Limited to 15 participants, tickets on sale now.