Member Manual

Before you start your first day, read the six sections below to make sure: 
  A. You don't accidentally break any ground rules :)    B. You have the info (wifi password, etc) you need to get started. 
All coworkers are responsible for knowing this manual by heart.  Or at least reading it once, and keeping it handy :) -- it'll be useful throughout your time with us. 


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1. Noise:  
At Purpose, we know that noise is very important to many people's productivity, so here's a few guidelines to help each other out: 

  • Video and phone calls:  Please take all phone calls or video calls in the phone booths, conference room, or outside. Using these areas will ensure your privacy, the quality of audio for your call, and reduce distraction for other members. Want to be extra nice? Use headphones (not your speakers) during calls to reduce noise output :)
  • Quiet Car: For those times when you want to focus and minimize distractions, we have the Quiet Car -- where no talking is allowed.  No questions, no interruptions, no exceptions. Just focuuuuusssss :) 
  • If you enjoy music or podcasts:  Use headphones at a volume that won’t be audible to others. We have headphones on-loan (above the printers) if you forget yours at home. 
  • If you are particularly sensitive to sound:  In addition to taking advantage of the "Quiet Car", we also recommend bringing in your own noise-canceling or noise-reducing headphones. We also have office white-noise machines in the Quiet Car and by the phone booths you can turn on. 

2. Parking  Here's the lowdown to keep our good-standing with the village and neighbors on parking:

  • The back parking lot is reserved for Shared Monthly and Dedicated Monthly members (we have 3 spots). 
  • Parking areas for Punch card members, Single members, and guests:   
    • Philmont Library: We have permission to use this awesome lot. It's easier to enter and pull out of, is available 24/7, and is plowed in the winter :)
    • Street parking: It's technically 1ish hour parking, but it's not monitord at all, so feel free to use it for a few hours.  
    • After 3pm: The Senior Center parking lot (directly across from Gabriels) becomes a municipal lot. 
    • Church Street
    • Family dollar and 83 Main Street lots: They're also official overflow lots, owned by our landlord.
    • Purpose is not responsible for any parking fines, violations, or disputes y'all.  

3. WIFI + Printers

Network is Netgear 14   Password is helpfulcarrot413
Our speeds: 75 mbps down, 6 mbps up

Hotspot: If you're in the middle of something and the internet goes down, you can of course restart the router,  or if you-aint-got-time-for-that -- no problem! Switch over to the network called "Purpose BackUp". The password is the same as the wifi.  Please do still notify us via text or email if the internet goes down so someone can troubleshoot. PS, this is a cellular hotspot, so it's not crazy fast, just a back up :)

Printing: Be ecological: If you're printing many pages, and color is not important, use the Brother laser printer: It's more efficient and offers double-sided printing. 

ColorThe HP inkjet printer is available when color is critical. However, this printer is an ink-hog, and the cartridges are priceeeeyyyyyy, so be mindful when printing with this puppy. 

ScannersWe recommend scanning with the HP machine and emailing the file to yourself. Let us know if you'd like help setting this up :) 

FaxingWe do e-faxing, let us know if you'd like help with this. There is no old-school fax machine :)   

4. Conference room and phone booths: 

  • Want to book the conference room or a phone booth in advance? Use the Book Appointment link below to book these. PS -- no need to enter your phone number, just email and name suffice :) Follow these steps:
    • Follow this link to get rapid-registered with our scheduling system. 
    • After you register, you can book through the booking site or directly below. 
    • Tip: Bookmark this Manual page, most members refer to it weekly :)
  • Impromptu: If a room is free, feel free to use the unbooked room for impromptu calls,  to eat lunch, or just to spread out on the big table. Just be sure to leave the door open, as someone with a phone call or meeting has dibs over a conference room of phone booth.   
  • The conference room seats six to ten comfortably around the table.
  • If you prefer to view the schedule on your google calendar instead, copy and paste the following into the field that says "Other calendars": webcal://


    5. Desks:

    Shared Desk Members (Singles and Punch Cards):  You have access to any shared desk that is open when you arrive to Purpose, giving you the flexibility to change up your workstation. Desks cannot be reserved ahead of time, so it is first come, first served. Personal items left behind on shared desks or in common spaces will be promptly given to a dog as a chew toy. Just kidding, but do clear the common spaces of your personal belongings at the end of the day.

    You do not need to pre-book a desk or give us a heads up about when you're coming.  If you need to break-up your days into half-days, totally ok too. If you want to "transfer" one of your days from one week to use on another (for example, you are a Single member but want to skip a week so you can use the space two days in one week) that's totally ok too.  If you need to pop in for 15 minutes to use the printer or say hi to someone or just need a hug, feel free to do so, it doesn't count towards your allotment. Hugs especially are in abundant supply here.

    Resident members: The desk you choose at the start of your membership will be exclusively yours to use. Please feel free to add your personal items to your desk, but we ask you avoid crazy excessive clutter in your area.

    6. Misc: 

    Guests: Feel free to invite friends or guests for lunch, a quick meeting, or just to see the space. If your guest is going to be here for more than 2 hours a week to do work, we ask that they purchase a membership to be fair to other members.  Bonus: If your guests or colleagues sign up, tell us and you’ll get a 15% discount on your membership.

    Meals, snacks, coffee
    We supply coffee and tea for all members, and have a few methods for brewing coffee. Feel free to bring your favorite brewing method if you have other coffee-making preferences.  We also have subsidized snacks! The left corner of the kitchen is full of treats on an honor system: 25cents per snack. It helps fund our "Rad Fund" -- ask us about it :)   For lunch, you have many pizza, sandwich, and salad options across the street. Or bring your lunch and use our fridge, microwave, toaster oven etc. For dinner, we also have a few lovely options on our block, or the Philmont Pub is just down the street

    Pets. Purpose is a dog-friendly workplace -- as long as dogs are productivity-friendly in return :)  If your dog isn’t able to follow the pet rules below, we will request that you leave them at home. Sad for pooch, but important for a productive work space. The pet rules:

    1. Barking/ distractions: Dogs need to be chill enough  to be in the office without barking or creating other distractions for coworkers. Running around a ton, chewing on other people's stuff, jumping on people, etc are good examples of distractions which are not cool.  

    2. Accidents: Owners will clean up after their pets immediately, including hair and other messes, to keep fellow members happy.

    3. Three strikes:  There is a three-strikes-you’re-out rule for dogs who break either rule #1 or #2. The first and second time are warnings so the owner has a chance to train the pooch. The third incident immediately means the dog cannot return to the office for six months (to allow time for training :)


    7. Less Fun Stuff: 

     insurance: We recommend (but it's not required) that coworkers purchase renter’s insurance if you will be leaving valuables in the office. Purpose's insurance only covers items that Purpose specifically purchased. Renter’s insurance is cheap and awesome, let us know if you have questions on this. 

    Conflict and disputes: Should you experience tension, disagreement or a miscommunication with a fellow coworker or staff, we trust you to either:

    A. Approach the coworker or staff directly to discuss the issue, respectfully and candidly.
    B. Bring it to the attention of staff so that we can support you towards an agreeable solution.
    C. Forgive and forget, but only if you authentically feel able to “let it go”. If something continues to bother you, it is your responsibility to move towards option A or B so that we can support you. Passive aggressive behavior (behavior that shows others you are upset without directly verbalizing what you are upset about) is not helpful and will be addressed, so might as well go for Option A or B :) 


    Have questions or ideas for how to improve the Manual? Let us know!