Survey: Tell us about you and your ideal coworking space

Close your eyes.
Imagine the perfect environment for working, for getting amazing things done, where you feel your most productive, energized self. 
Now open your eyes. Tell us what you saw: 

1. Which things matters most to you?
In this ideal working environment, what do you see?
2. What are your deal-breakers of a coworking space?
Ok, what about the things that would definitely not work for you in a work environment?
3. What makes you interested in a coworking space?
Maybe you have a few options of where to work -- check off all the things that make you consider a coworking space
4. Which towns would you commute to (for the right coworking space?)
5. How often would you use a coworking space?
Example: Design; Web Development; Creative; Consultant
7. More info?
Want to help us or get progress updates? Let us know if you'd like to get an additional survey with a few extra questions, or email updates every few 3 months letting you know what phase of the project we're at, what barriers and wins we've experienced, and if we're looking for help or advice :)
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