Success! You are signed up for a 5-Punch card membership at Purpose! We are so excited you're joining us!

Here's everything you need to start working at Purpose:

  • Your entry code: 225588 
    To enter anytime of day, any day of the week when you want to come for your day:
    1. Tug the door towards you, hold it there while you enter your code and while you wait to hear the door unlock.
    2. Click on the old-school door level and you're in!
      If for some reason it doesn't work, text us at 503-453-0172 or 917-345-6634 :)
  • Before your first shift: 
    Read over the Member Manual -- it includes all the info you need to start working, such as the wifi password and printer info
    We recommend bookmarking the Member Manual, as the tools and tips in it are handy all the time. 

  • Your first day:

    • If you're able to, give us a heads up when you plan to come in for your first day and we'll give you the extra-fancy member tour :)

    • Once you arrive: Log your day into the Punch Card clipboard by the front door. 
      It's an honor system method for us to track usage -- we'll send you a link when you've used your last punch so it's easy to kick-start another punch card. 

    • If we don't get you give you the full member tour on your first day, here's a really important detail: If you're the last one out, make sure the conference room door is locked and once you exit the front door,  be sure to press the "lock" button on the front door keypad. Thanks in advance for helping keep Purpose secure!

We're excited that you've joined our community!

Welcome! You are awesome.


Paloma + Mike