Purpose is happy to announce that starting May 8th, it has switched to a cooperative model, operated and ran by a core group of 7 members. 

If you'd like to learn more about joining this coworking community, contact us below.  

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I was hesitant to join Purpose because I live about 30 minutes away. However, I fell in love with the space as soon as I toured it, making the drive feel worth it. Yes, Purpose solves a lot of my home office issues, like not having peace and quiet or a private area to do phone interviews. But even more importantly, it led me to a diverse community of wonderful and talented local business owners. It’s extremely helpful for me to be able to chat about daily struggles and wins with fellow business owners.    

~ Jessica Porter, Freelance Editor, Writer


Since joining Purpose, I have gained the ability to get focused and organized, get work from, and collaborate with, fellow coworkers, work side-by-side with my assistant, and give clients a more professional experience by using the conference room for presentations and meetings. 

It can be quite isolating to live in a rural area and work in a field with the option to never see clients face to face. By being a part of this wonderful community, as well as having access to fun events and workshops, I have gained an overall sense of happiness and the feeling of being supported. Also, my dog can come to work with me and there are snacks!!

~ Sophie Wedd, Sophie Wedd Design


As a woman just going out on my own and creating a new business, I felt totally ungrounded going for it solo. My head was spinning and I knew I needed a supportive work community around me. At Purpose I have connected with kind, creative, and talented local professionals who have helped me directly and indirectly build my business from the ground up. I have found that my own purpose is fed and supported by this community; and with that confidence I can do anything! Now my business is on track to launch in early 2017 and my head is back squarely on my shoulders, where it belongs. 
~ Jennifer Schober, Literary Consultant & Coach